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Re: LxR 8500 Processor support

Sylvain REVOL
New Member

LxR 8500 Processor support

Hello, i have an Lxr8500 with 8*P3 Xeon 500Mhz 2Mb.
I know that i can upgrade them with 700 or 900 2Mb CPUs.

But i don't know which processor i can use ?
I have unsuccesfully tried with quad 700 2Mb S2 2.8v SLR49.
Do you know if i can use 2v 2.8v or 5/12v ?
(i haven't seen any 700 or 900 with 2v)
Sylvain REVOL
New Member

Re: LxR 8500 Processor support

Motherboard manufacturer Intel
Motherboard model OCPRF100, Fab 2.0
BIOS vendor Intel Corporation
BIOS revision SABR1.86L.0010.P10.0103051501
BIOS release date 12.05.1997
Chipset Compaq IDA0F7 rev. 11
Southbridge Intel 82371 (PIIX4) rev. 02

The HP NetServer LXr 8500 does not require additional voltage regulator
modules (VRMs) when adding additional processor modules.