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MIB/oid proliant ML350 looking for processor temperature

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MIB/oid proliant ML350 looking for processor temperature

Hi everyboby,
I'm looking for a long time now to reach the good OID for our Proliant ML 350 to get the temperature processor.

i have find these base OID information but can't find the good branch where the processor temp is viewable.

Thank you a lot

Tarek Kawach
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Re: MIB/oid proliant ML350 looking for processor temperature

Hi Franck:

What version of insight manager are you using or management software.

Object Identifier

Latest PSP is 7.20
ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows 2000 version 7.20 A (14 Feb 05)

Every piece of information is referred to by its full name so each piece
of information can be unambiguously specified. Full names are commonly
given in dotted decimal notation. Dotted decimal notation specifies all
the branch numbers, separated by periods, needed to reach the particular
item. For example the number stands for the Compaq
Standard Equipment MIB. All information in the Compaq Standard Equipment
MIB will start with this prefix and then continue on to distinguish
different pieces of information within the MIB.

The name of each branch is specified in MIB documents. The number series,
in parentheses after the name, is what is sent over the network in an SNMP
packet when referring to a specific item in the tree. Sending a series of
numbers specifying a tree location in a packet rather than a text
description of the item as a name lessens network traffic. However,
this protocol requires that both ends involved in the protocol understand
the meanings of these code numbers and the structure of the information.
This scheme requires a precise grammar to document the MIB structure to
avoid confusion between the agent and the management station. The grammar
typically used is called the Concise MIB format and is defined in RFC 1212.

Hope this info will help you.

Best regards,

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