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MIcroserver Gen10 Plus won't recognize drive

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MIcroserver Gen10 Plus won't recognize drive

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I'm setting up a Microserver Gen10 Plus as a home server, running Windows Server Standard 2019. The OS is on a Samsung EVO 970 SSD mounted in a RIITOP M.2 to PCIe adapter. Install of the OS was uneventful.

I then added 3 WD Red drives in slots 1, 2 and 3. I use Stablebit Drivepool to create pooled drives. It recognized the drives immediately and recreated the pools. That was uneventful, too. That left drive slot 0 open.

In slot 0 I installed an Icydock RAID enclosure housing 2 160GB SSDs in RAID1 format. It's the size of a 3.5" drive. That enclosure worked perfectly well in a Gen8 server where it was seen as a single drive. The same drive works perfectly well when connected to anotehr computer with a USB-to-SATA cable.

Unfortunately, the Gen10 Plus server doesn't recognize it. Is there a limit on the number of drives this server will see? Does the presence of the M.2 drive as a 4th drive prevent this other drive from mounting?

Thanks in advance for helpful suggesitons.


Re: MIcroserver Gen10 Plus won't recognize drive


Thank you for the Post.

Looks like it may work but would suggest you to use HPE certified Drives and also use inbuilt Management utilities to configure.

Do share the Model Number / Product number to check further.

Thank you


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