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ML 350 G5 and two FC2142SR fiber controllers

Michael A. McKenney
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ML 350 G5 and two FC2142SR fiber controllers

The ML 350 G5 has firmware 8.5. The two fiber controllers FC2142SR were upgraded with 8.5. When the BIOS is enabled or cables are plugged into the controllers, the server restarts

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The CD does not start to boot. The two FC2142SR are each connected to a MDS 9124 fabric switch and 2012FC SAN. I have three other diskless servers booting to the SAN with no problem. This is a new server. HP replaced the server board and both controllers. It has a single quad core and 4GB of RAM in dual channel. I tried removing all but one stick of RAM. I tried slot 1 and 3 for the controllers, also tried 1 and 2. The CD starts with the cards disabled or unplugged. It is a BIOS conflict between the controllers and server. The fabric switches and SAN see both cards. It is the server restarting. Any ideas? I have another ML 350 G5. I was going to restart it and find out its BIOS rev and revert back to it. The controller BIOS and firmware matches the other three servers. All 8 fiber cards are identical.
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: ML 350 G5 and two FC2142SR fiber controllers

I got it working.

Reseated all the RAM
Moved the two fiber controllers to slots 2 and 3
Reseated the 128MB cache I am not using on the internal controller.

I called HP Carepaq support. I could not find anyone with experience on the ML 350 G5 and FC2142SR.