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ML 380 G5 error Memory

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ML 380 G5 error Memory


I have a problem with a server Hp 380 G5 with four modules of ram, totally 4 gb. After 10 days that server is working the same module adegrades and an error led on front panel appears. After reboot the error disappers

I just replaced the module but the problem persists.

Have you any suggests?

Guido Elia
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Re: ML 380 G5 error Memory

Could be a defective memory slot.
If you are within warranty get the MB replaced. Otherwise use 2 2GB modules skipping the faulty slot
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Re: ML 380 G5 error Memory

Hey, don't replace the systemboard yet. try doing a BIOS update. It should work. Place a call to HP support only if the BIOS update fails, anyway that's what they will require you to do.

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