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ML110 G1 Resource Conflict

Marcelo Masur
Occasional Contributor

ML110 G1 Resource Conflict

We have a ML110 G1 with 2 PCI NICs installed, besides the integrated NIC and the SATA RAID controller. With 3 PCI devices we get the message "Resource Conflict - Allocation Error Static Node # 0B Press F1 to resume F2 to enter setup" If we take ANY of the PCI devices out the message does not appear. Swapped system board and updated BIOS to no avail. Can someone help us understand what could be wrong? The Ml110 has 6 pCI slots. Thanks Marcelo Masur
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: ML110 G1 Resource Conflict

I'm not familiar with that particular model, but perhaps you could insert all three cards, press F2 to enter setup, and clear NVRAM. When the system is rebooted, it should re-enumerate the PCI bus and probably correct the issue.

If you've previously made changes in the setup program (RBSU), you will need to later re-enter them.