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ML110 G2 and SMART ARRAY 3200 or 2DH

Nick Forbes
New Member

ML110 G2 and SMART ARRAY 3200 or 2DH


We have bought an ML110 G2 to replace an ageing Proliant 3000 and had planned to simply move the SMART ARRAY 3200 card and external array from to the ML110 G2.

Unfortunately when the SA-3200 is put in the only 5v, 33Mhz PCI slot the ML110 G2 fails to boot with a "expansion ROM not initialized" ERROR.

The ML110 G2 has the latest BIOS (1.10) as does the SA-3200 (4.5).

I have also tried an SA-2DH with the same error.

From reading around it seems that this may be due to insufficient resources, so I have tried clearing the NVRAM and disabling every onboard device except the VGA. The error remains the same.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.