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ML115 Boot Order Issue

Jason D. Jordan
Occasional Contributor

ML115 Boot Order Issue


Have read through the forum and seen a couple of mentions of something similar to this but no real resolutions.

Just installed a new ML115. We use external USB Hard Drives for backups.

If the External USB Drive is changed while the Server is on, the boot order is changed in the BIOS and on a reboot, the Server will attempt to boot off the external drive.

It doesn't matter how you set things in the BIOS, changing the drive (and we have 5) will make it fail to boot properly next time.

Any ideas? Any one else seeing this?

Cheers, Jason
Joshua Beck
New Member

Re: ML115 Boot Order Issue

We have the same problem with our Proliant ML150. We too use external USB drives for backups. Because we change the external backup drive every day and leave it plugged in and turned on, any reboot of the Server will fail unless you physically go and remove the external drive. This creates a problem for remote support.
Andrew N
New Member

Re: ML115 Boot Order Issue

We have had exactly the same problem with various HP and some other servers. We have overcome the issue by installing PCI USB2 cards. The BIOS does not recognise these ports in the same way and allows the server to boot from the internal discs.