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ML115 G5 - Raid setup XP (pehaps again - sorry!!)

James Joy
New Member

ML115 G5 - Raid setup XP (pehaps again - sorry!!)


I bought ML115 G5 as they were being given away to use as a PC.

I have got it all up and running using. At The moment I am using the suppled SATA 160 GB disk.

What I would like to do is add another three SATA disks to form a raid 5 array.

The way I look at this is.......

1) Fit disks
2) Go into bios, enable raid and pick "enable" on the three disks I require
3) Then for reading the instructions it looks like on boot up I go back into the bios, or similar and add the 3 new disks to make the array

So my questions.......

1) Is it possible to do the above without re-building the system disk (which will be left out of the array - i.e. set to disabled in the bios)

2) I assume I need a driver to get XP to then fire up the array, where can this found, will the 2k3 one work for example and is it possible to install without a re-build.

Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML115 G5 - Raid setup XP (pehaps again - sorry!!)


Out of 10 tries 9 would be failure, first load the raid controller driver and install it from Add new hardware in control panel.

Then reboot your server enable the Raid controller.

If it boots and starts working then add up your hdd's and then initialize them

Noo success for me yet