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ML150: CD not detected and can't install OS

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ML150: CD not detected and can't install OS

I try to install the win server 2003 on this machine but i encounter alot of problem. First the CD-Rom won't work when i put the Boot CD of Windows, i try many different Boot CD to be sure. The Bios don't keep the configuration for CD-Rom in IDE Channel 0 Master. So my next step was to try CD-Rom with diskette of Win98, the cd-rom work when i do this.

As i wasn't able to use CD, i formated the HD (36Gb) with my old dos 6.22 and installed the OS. I installed the dos driver so i was able to acces the CD and start install Win 2003 server from the CD. So far no problem, once the file was copied, Windows restarded and i got my screen with F6 option, added files for my SCSI controller that i down loaded from HP web site (added the SATA driver to). Hit enter, please wait while loading... and BANG, BSOD -> stop: 0x0000007B

but you can't install the patch if you not in windows mode!

I start looking for the Bios, remove the USB device from the boot section but still nothing. Now i don't know what to do, someone have a ideal please?

Thanks in advance Claude.
1. ML150 G2
2. Scsi 36Gb for OS
3. Scsi 3x146Gb for Data (not on raid controller)
4. HP Single Channel U320 SCSI HBA G2 Driver for Windows 2003 for ProLiant ML150 G2