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ML150 G2 roaring fan

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ML150 G2 roaring fan

I have a new server that we have recently deployed for a customer. During the first week of testing the fan was quiet. Suddenly a few days after it was put into service the Fan switched to Turbo mode! The server is doing practically nothing, and the temperature is well within limits. I can't find any way to turn this beast down. Please respond if you have any ideas.
Thorsten Jalas
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Re: ML150 G2 roaring fan

Hello !

Do you have installed the management drivers on the system ? (Which operating system do you run ?)
Are the management drivers up to date ?

Th. Jalas
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Daniel Zenzel
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Re: ML150 G2 roaring fan

I have a new ML150-G2, and it too, all of a sudden, started blasting away with a very high fan speed. It lasted for four days until I got had to shutdown and re-boot. After that, the fan slowed down.

The room is cool/cold, and there is next to ZERO load on the system.

There are NO BIOS Settings available to change the speed? There are no utilities to manage the speed while it is running?

The PSP is not valid for the ML-150?
When I downloaded the latest BIOS, it said on load that the "current one is march 2005" and the one allowed from the download today was a feb 2004 bios image?????

Can someone please let me know how to actually fix this? With the fan arbitrarily switching to high speed and never shutting / slowing down, this box can never be placed in a small office....