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ML310 Memory Requirements

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ML310 Memory Requirements

I have an ML310 G1 P4 2Gig that currently has 128Mb of DDR PC 2100 EEC double sided memory inside of it. I've recently purchased four sticks of 515Mb PC 3200 EEC single sided memory. The server does no longer boot - What memory should i be using or is there a way that i can get this recently purchased memory to work?

David Stirrup
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Re: ML310 Memory Requirements

If you install the wrong memory type then it will not boot. You have to use the correct memory as you cannot reconfigure the server to accept out of spec parts.

Did you check that what you bought is the exactly correct memory for the G1? Do a search to find out. HP, Kingston etc have memory selection tools that inform you what is needed.

These are servers that have for the most part much better design than a desktop PC and have little lattitude for incorrect components.