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ML310 SATA RAID Driver installation question

Eric Carlson_2
New Member

ML310 SATA RAID Driver installation question

I recently setup a new ML310 with the SATA embedded RAID. Un fortunately I did not install the driver during setup. I missed this.

When I went to install the proper driver from the support site, it gave me the following 2 options.

1)To install during new installation. This is not possible now.

2) To install after installation. This option warns that this is intended when the drive attached to the RAID are not the boot drives. Please tell me this can't be!?!

I don't want to reinstall everything all over again. Can I install the driver now and still have a system that boots to the Operating System? Please help.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ML310 SATA RAID Driver installation question

How you installed O/S, driver for SATA controller part of O/S CD

how you try to update ? where is message came from ?
normally all drivers is live online update
Eric Carlson_2
New Member

Re: ML310 SATA RAID Driver installation question

I installed the O/S from CD and Windows used a generic IDE controller.

I went to the link that you suggested and it is the one that I went to before. The information on installing the driver is what prompted me to write this question.

Here is the message concerning the installation of the driver...

Installing the Driver in an Existing Windows System -
In this scenario, you are installing a driver in a system that already has a Windows operating system. This system is expected to be booting from a controller other than the HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller (i.e. a SCSI controller).

My system IS booting from the HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller. I am worried that if I install this driver it will not allow me to boot to the OS. Even worse, I am worried that the controller will blow away the existing data on the disk.

Without the proper driver, I get a message in the windows event log that the disk's driver has disable write caching. At the moment in time of the error, all system users are disconnected. This happens once a day.

Can install this driver and still use my data?