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ML310 bios upgrade

Steve Elkins
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ML310 bios upgrade

Where do I find the latest bios for a Proliant ML310 server? I am installing Windows NT 4.o Server but the bios does not see all of the 250GB hard drive.
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Re: ML310 bios upgrade

Hi Steve, keep in mind that NT 4.0 had it's own problems seeing large drives, which may or may not be fixed by updating the BIOS. Perhaps this is fixed by installing NT 4 through a Smart Start CD, I'm not sure. You can boot from the NT 4 CD and install the OS to a partition that is 7.8 gig or less. Then after install, download and update the system with Service Pack 4.

The typical way to fix this was to "slipstream" Service Pack 4 or later into the NT 4 CD and install from there. Perhaps there is a version of Smart Start that includes this service pack?

Here's something that might be helpful:

Also see some Microsoft articles:;en-us;q224526