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ML310G4 Disk question

Arjan Beverdam
New Member

ML310G4 Disk question

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the following.
We have an ML310G4 418040-001.
This is a SATA model, we have 2 SATA disks in the hotplug area of the server. We want to expand the server with SAS drivers because we have performance issue with the SQL.

The question is we see on the backplane only one connector to place the cable to the controller on. We want to have the follwing.
Use the onboard controller connected to the backplane and the 2 SATA drives and a seperate new controller e200 connected to the backplane and the 2 (new) SATA drives.

Because the backplane in the server we cannot do this, but is there a replacement backplane (partnr???) to do this? We know that in higher ML series 330 e.o. this is possible?

Thnxs ahead for a respond.