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ML330 933Mhz w/NT4 adding NC7771

Dave Huttner_1
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ML330 933Mhz w/NT4 adding NC7771

I'm trying to add an NC7771 network card to a server I have running NT4. It is a ML 330 with an video/NIC combo card. The NIC is a NC3163.

I cannot get NT to see the new NC7771 card. I have updated the BIOS to the latest. The BIOS does see the NC7771 and identifies it just as an Ethernet Card. I can change the IRQ, which I have, but this doesn't help. I try to add an adapter in NT, it starts installing files, but never adds the adapter to the list of adapters in NT. Perhaps it is confused about the NC3163 that is already in the server?

Any help would be great.

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Re: ML330 933Mhz w/NT4 adding NC7771


not sure that NT4 supports NC7771 based on the NIC which r supported in NT4:

from what i know, NC7771 is supported only on Win2k, win2003 of the microsoft os.

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Thorsten Jalas
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Re: ML330 933Mhz w/NT4 adding NC7771

Be aware that in NT4 - different to W2k or win2003 - devices do not show up automatically. The only show up when the correct driver is installed.

So you´re shure you have a correct driver (NT4 !) for the NIC ?

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Th. Jal
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Re: ML330 933Mhz w/NT4 adding NC7771


Did you manage to solve this? I have a similar problem with a Compaq DL380 G2 Server running Windows NT4 server. I have tried NC7771, NC7170 and NC1020 cards all to no avail.