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ML330 G3 Running Slow

Jason Housenbold
New Member

ML330 G3 Running Slow

I inherited a ML330 G3 256mb RAM 1 Xeon Processor. It has a 40gig hard drive as well. I'm using it as to host quickbooks, worldship and a java-based IE ordering system.

Originally came configured with UNIX. I reformatted and added a stripped Server 2003.

It runs really slow. I tried adding RAM, but the system didn't recognize it.

I think adding the RAM will speed things up, but now I'm thinking a second drive for data might help as well. What kind of drive connection does the computer use?

Is there a setting(BIOS? Windows?) that I am missing to help the computer recognize the RAM. I choose the ram from crutical app recommendation.

Any help would help and be appriciated.


Sylvain Gelinas 2
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Jason Housenbold
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Re: ML330 G3 Running Slow

Do I have to use the HP RAM, or can I get it from somewhere else?