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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

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ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

I have recently replaced a tape drive with a number of USB hard drives for a client's backup solution, because of the ongoing problems associated with tape backup.
I find the backups to be very slow, and can't find out anywhere whether the on-board USB ports are USB 1 or USB 2 on the server.
If they are USB 1, can anyone suggest a product that will provide USB 2, or is it likely that any PCI USB port will do the job for Server 2003 on an ML350 G4??

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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

The Hardware supports USB 2.0, but 1.1 in legacy mode:

If you use MS Windows, check in device manager, if one of the USB-Ports is declared as "enhanced". If not, you don't have USB 2.0 drivers installed.


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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

Well, it may be that the USB driver wasn't installed, but I can find no such driver in the driver matirx for that server.

I recently worked on another early HP ML350 G$, with the same version of Windows and the USB worked at USB 2 speed.

I guess it's one of those mysteries I will never really solve...
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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow


There must be any USB drivers if your disks work. But if you say they are to slow I guess windows didn't take the right drivers.

I checked a DL580G3 with W2K3, there are Intel 82801EB drivers installed, provided by Microsoft, Version 5.2.3790.1830, dated to 01.10.2002. One of them is an "Enhanced USB2 Host Controller" the others are "USB Universal Host Controller".

Only if one of this controllers has an "Enhanced" in his name, you can run them at USB 2.0 speed.

Check your Devicemanager again, what is configured under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers".

You don't need any drivers provided by HP and all USB-ports should run at USB 2.0 speed with the native W2K3 drivers configured correctly.

I think the ML350G4 has the same USB-chip as the DL580G3, I can see no reason, why HP should use different chips in same generation servers .


Please excuse my bad english
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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

Thanks for your reply.

It is no longer a problem for me, as I installed a PCI USB card. Also, if HP has no drivers for USB 2, and since USB 2 support is native for Windows 2003, I don't see how this can even be an issue.

Anyway, a $40 PCI USB adaptor fixed the problem, so I am good now.

(and your English is fine)
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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

It's a solution but I would prefere to use the onboard USB and save the money and the PCI-Slot.

This should really be no issue because it works on about 400 different DL and ML Servers here.

You really had to pay $40 for a PCI USB Card?
I bought one some weeks ago for about $15,50 (EUR 13) in Germany with 4 external and 1 internal port.

What drivers do you use now? Native 2003 or that one delivered with the card?

However, nice to hear that your disks are faster now and thanks for your praise :-)
(is praise the right word in this context?)

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Re: ML350 G4 USB ports are very slow

Yes, Praise was my intention - your English is fine. I know a number of people who speak only English, yet they have a hard time writing as clearly as you do...

The first PCI USB card I tried cost $18 (Canadian). It caused multiple problems, including the server to reboot without warning. I then asked for one with a different chipset (made by VIA) and it has run fine ever since.

And yes, the MS native drives worked fine for it.

Thanks for your reply to my post - I appreciate your advice.