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ML350 G4 has red internal health LED

Travis Beaver
New Member

ML350 G4 has red internal health LED


I have a client with a ML350 G4 tower server that just ran out of warranty support days ago. The server is running normally - no strange noises or smells, and no errors or lock ups in the operating system.

However, the internal health LED is RED. The ONLY LED on the system board that is amber is the "Processor 2" LED. Everything else looks normal.

What has me stumped is that this server has NO second processor, and never has!

Does this server just need to be powered off, and powered back on to clear this erroneous state?

The server has no HP software installed on it, like Insight Manager, to help me with this situation. The client is afraid to let me shut the server down without having a more definite explanation as to what might be going on - especially since everything is running ok right now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I've worked with HP servers for years, and this has me stumped.