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ML350 G4 just rebooted today :(

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ML350 G4 just rebooted today :(

Hi gang,

I've had an ML350 G4 running well for about 6 months now. It's running Windows 2003 Server and Exchange 2003 SP1. This machine is not a DC or GC. It was loaded from Smartstart v7.1

Well at 9:50am today the machine just rebooted, no blue screen or dump log created. It came up right away, all exchange services etc. started and replayed the exch logs - thankfully everthing was consistent and I only got one phone call in the minute it was down from a disgrunted email user unable to read or send his jokes.

What scares the hell out of me, however, is that there are NO warnings or errors in the event log. Insight manager also shows everything is bliss...

As mentioned, it's been fine for 6 months, and I am almost tempted just to chalk this up as a random quirk, but often these are beginning signs of impending doom :)

I'm downloading Smartstart v7.2 right now and will probably update the drivers etc. from that just to be safe.

I guess I'm just out to pick your brains as to what on earth could have possible caused this rather severe hicup.

The box is on a UPS, there were no warnings or errors logged from that. I read a previous post from a guy saying he had an issue with his NC3131 NIC, this one has a NC7761 and AFAIK has given us no grief to date.

I hate servers crashing, but I can tolerate it somewhat when I know the cause of the crash -- a random reboot is un-nerving (and nobody pressed the reset button on it either :) )

It's a 3.0 G4 w/3gb of ram

Thanks for your thoughts!