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ML350 G4 not recognising external SATA drive

Brent McCarthy
New Member

ML350 G4 not recognising external SATA drive

I have a ML350 G4 server running 2k3 server with SP2. I am trying to attach a 500GB SATA II hard drive, housed in an external USB 2.0 enclosure, to the box but everytime I plug the enclosure into any USB port the system says it has detected an 'unknown USB device' and claims it is malfunctioning. I tried updating the chipset software but it still gives the same error. I was successful in attaching the device to both a ML350 G3 and ML350 G4p server. PLEASE HELP!!
BTW, I also tried it on another G4 and got the same problem!
Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: ML350 G4 not recognising external SATA drive

I'd suggest you run the firmware update CD on your server. Also see if there is a firmware update for the external device from the manufacturer.

Can you connect it to a desktop machine (ie not a ML350) and does it work?
Louis Henninger
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML350 G4 not recognising external SATA drive

If the SmartStart update (firmware and PSP) doesn't work, you could try to install a PCI card for USB 2.0 support and try connecting the SATA disk that way. This has proven to be a cheap solution for us in the past.
Some times the onboard USB's will work for some options, but not others.

The QuickSpecs for this server only specifies USB ports, not what type. I suspect they are only 1.0. The G4p supports USB 2.0.

HP indicates on the QuickSpecs for this server to reference an HP webpage on USB support (HP supported devices and O/S support).

I hope this helps,