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ML350 G5 disk boot error


ML350 G5 disk boot error

Hello There,
I have a ML350 G5, The server was working fine, but after install one application and reboot the server it can not boot up. in the boot process show some like this: "Attempting boot from Hard Drive (c:) non system disk or disk error."
The server has an array controler e200i, I´ve booted with the HP SmartSart CD and I´ve checked the array controler and it looks good.
and the logical drives are OK. In the BIOS the array controler is configured as the first bootable device.
So what is the problem?
Help me please !
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: ML350 G5 disk boot error

It sounds like the boot sector is damaged. What was the application?

You can boot Recovery Console from the Windows CD, and use fixboot.

If that doesn't work, boot from the Windows CD and perform a repair of the existing installation.