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ML350 - Installing New OS

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ML350 - Installing New OS


I feel rather silly asking this question however for the life of me I'm having problems. Our company has just purchased an ML350 (our 5th) for use as an Exchange server. I have put the system together however I am unable to install Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. The server detects all hard drives however the installation states there is no hard drive detected to install Windows on.

I don't recall having this issue with the previous 4 servers so I am suddenly dumbfounded. Could someone provide me with the proper steps for setting up the server so I can install Windows Server 2003 Ent?

Thank you.
Steven Clementi
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Re: ML350 - Installing New OS

Are you usign the Smart Start CD?

Your issue could stem from one of a few scenarios...

1st, Do you have any logical disks defined on your array controller? (This assumes your using a Smart Array Controller). If not, you wil ldefinitely need to configure at least 1 array with at least 1 logical drive.

2nd, If you not using the smart Start CD, are you loading Smart Array drivers during the initial Windows OS text based session? The first thing Windows Text Based Install asks is if you want to specify addition storage drivers. You may need to do this if your not using the Smart Start CD.

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Re: ML350 - Installing New OS

Press F9 and go to the RBSU. Set the controller that you have connected drives as first controller.
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Re: ML350 - Installing New OS

While Windows is first loading from the CD you will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says to press F6 to load additional drivers. You need to press F6 at this point and install the disk controller driver at this point from a floppy drive.