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Re: ML350 Rebuild with Windows 2003

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ML350 Rebuild with Windows 2003

Good Morning - I'm planning to rebuild a Proliant ML350. Windows 2000 Server Standard has been installed for several years, but I want to start with a fresh installation of Windows 2003 Server Standard. Does anyone know which Smart Start I would use? This is a PIII 800 Mhz, 18.2 GB RAID 5, SmartArray 431 Controller, 2 GB of RAM. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: ML350 Rebuild with Windows 2003

Smart start CD 5.5 or any 5.x (not higher)
Memory bring to minimum
SYSTEMS ROM make sure Up to date
Firmware on the array Controller: make it Up to Date
Use Smart start CD only for System Configuration Utility and ACU, next use Manual Install and Direct Install 2003.
Diskette #2

Need SS CD

Also use erase Utility from SS CD or FD before you start
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Re: ML350 Rebuild with Windows 2003

Exactly what I needed to know -thanks so much!