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Re: ML350 Running out of HD Capacity

T Shih
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ML350 Running out of HD Capacity

I have two issues.

I have a ProLiant ML350 on W2000 Server with 2 mirrored drives of 20 GB that are running out of capacity. My short term goal is to replace them with two 74 GB drives I just acquired.

I'm a decent PC user but a novice at server/network environment. I read about "make an Ignite 'make_tape_recovery' tape and *reinstall* your vg00 to the new drive etc..."; frankly it is beyond my scope. Additionaly, my tape drive is no longer working.

I have a ML370 with W2003 R2 standing by. My long(er) term goal is to migrate the whole ML350 to it. I was thinking of HP Insight Server Migration Software for Proliant 3.70 but it is not for ML350 running on W2000. Is there an alternative approach to migrate my old system to the new server?

It would be great if there is a quick solution to Issue #2 where I can bypass Issue #1 all together.

Thank you in advance.

Michael A. McKenney
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Re: ML350 Running out of HD Capacity

You could get Acronis cloning software. If you have room in the chassis, add two more drives and reinstall your apps and data to the new hard drives in RAID 1. I would do RAID 1 or 10 with 146GB or 300GB drives. leave the OS on the current drives for now.
T Shih
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Re: ML350 Running out of HD Capacity

Sorry Mike, it took me this long to reply.

Had to cut through some red tape to get Acronis. However it encounters error 2775 while installing...will not recognize hard drive space due to conflict with HP Backup & Recovery. It wants me to uninstall HP Backup & Recovery in order to install it, which is not an ideal scenario. It also will not manage existing dynamic, mirroring disks.

Any other suggestions? Thank you.