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ML350 card support

Keith Schaefer
New Member

ML350 card support

I want to add a PCI-X fibre card to the ML350. Is this card supported by this chassis.
Olibe Babaco
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Re: ML350 card support

The questions are which card in which generation of ML350

Just google for "ML350 Gx quickspecs" and you will find which FC-hba-s fit.

Here are for the G5 ->

StorageWorks Options NOTE: The following is a list of all Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters for Windows and Linux. For detailed compatibility information please see:
HP StorageWorks FC2142SR 4Gb PCI-e HBA A8002A
HP StorageWorks FC2242SR Dual Channel 4 Gb PCI-e HBA A8003A
HP StorageWorks FC1142SR 4Gb PCI-e HBA AE311A
HP StorageWorks FC1242SR Dual Channel 4 Gb PCI-e HBA AE312A
HP StorageWorks FC2143 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 -to-Fibre Channel HBA AD167A
HP StorageWorks FC2243 Dual Channel 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 HBA AD168A
HP StorageWorks FC1143 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 HBA AB429A
HP StorageWorks FC1243 Dual Channel 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 HBA AE369A
HP StorageWorks 81Q PCI-e FC HBA AK344A
HP StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit AK241A
HP StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch AK242A
HP StorageWorks 81E 8Gb SP PCI-e FC HBA AJ762A
HP 82E 8Gb Dual-port PCI-e FC HBA AJ763A
HP 82Q 8Gb Dual Port PCI-e FC HBA AJ764A