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ML350G4 & Adaptec 2420 compatibility

Sean Hannan
New Member

ML350G4 & Adaptec 2420 compatibility

We have a ML350G4 tower server that currently has 2 x 72GB SCSI drives set up as RAID1 as well as a HP DAT72 tape drive. We want to increase the server HDD capacity without the expense of adding SCSI drives.

The server is at a head office that I am not currently at so I am currently unable to open the server to check the internal configuration / type of PCI slots etc...

1) Will this server take SATA drives in addition to the existing SCSI drives and if so will it allow for them to be set up in a RAID array?

2) If not - Is an ADAPTEC SATA RAID 2420SA ROHS SGL card compatible with this server?