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ML350G4p Secondary Network Adapter

Dorab Khandalavala
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ML350G4p Secondary Network Adapter

Hi All,

Can find my documentation and/or disks, so wondering whether you can help me configure/activate the second NIC on this server.

We are running SBS2003 (The first release) and ISA is not engaged.

I had all SBS workstation/clients' internet access blocked somehow with either the network configuration (proxy on server blocked) with one NIC in operation.

However, after uninstalling an old version of Panda NetworkSecure + all the other software, all of my nodes seem to have gained access through the server's proxy on SBS.

Now, I have to find a way of blocking this again, as we are not fully protected with a trial of TrendMicro, for reasons unknown, and anyway, nobody should have access to the internet.

So, I thought of using ISA as the firewall and installing/activating this through SBS. However, ISA requires 2 NIC's.

Obviously, the server did/does require access on the single NIC in operation, in order to download e-mail.

However, when I plug a second LAN cable into the second NIC RJ-45, it lights up, but the server is not detecting a second adapter for some reason.

Is there a way for me to turn this on in the server's BIOS or what?

Any direction would be appreciated!


Re: ML350G4p Secondary Network Adapter

Dorab, are you the same Dorab Khandalavala who was my childhood friend living on Forest Park Boulevard?

If so, please get in touch! My email is

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