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ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

Patrick Giblin

ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

I just rebuilt a Proliant ML370 with two RAID controllers, SmartArray 431 and SmartArray 5300. The 5300 is attached to a CPQ StorageWorks 4314R. I installed the Proliant Support Pack for Win2k V6.40A. Everything seems to be working properly but I keep getting the Event ID 9 error stating "The device, \Device\SCSI\cpqarry21, did not respond within the timeout period."

Relatively new cables throughout.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Patrick G.
Alicia White
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Re: ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

What is the SOURCE of the error? Generally, that source will give you a good idea of where the problem originates.

Check out Enter the Event ID and the source to see if there are any solutions. You can also try searching on a search engine such as for event ID 9 and the source to find solutions elsewhere on the internet.

But, here is the general MS knowledge base article on troubleshooting Event IDs 9 & 11:

Basically, the error could be caused by a large variety of issues: firmware versions, hardware problems (termination, controller, cable, drives) or driver problems.

So, to troubleshoot this issue:
--check for proper termination on the SCSI chain (both internal and external devices)
--make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware for all the devices on the chain
--check the SCSI chain for any physical problems (bent pins, damaged cables, loose connections, etc.)
--for tape devices, make sure the SCSI transfer rate of the controller matches the recommended transfer rate of the tape device, you may have to slow the controller down
--check for media errors on hard drives and tape drives

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Re: ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

I am assuming the source is CPQARRY2 (is the message actually "\Device\SCSI\cpqarry2"?
1. What Microsoft Spk version do you have installed? Spk3? Spk4?
2. Do need to verify the actual driver version installed for cpqarry2.sys, and the driver for the other SmartArray controller.
3. If the 4314R storage device is (temporarily) disconnected, does this eliminate the Event ID 9 error being logged?

Alicia is on the right track - for Windows 2000 Event ID 9 & 11 documentation see Q154690 (referenced on the URL given by Alicia).

Keep us posted!
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Patrick Giblin

Re: ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

You are correct, the source is cpqarry2, but the message is "\Device\SCSI\cpqarry21" which I thought was a little odd.

1. I am running SP4
2. cpqarry2.sys - v5.14.0.0 10/21/02
5300 driver - cpqcissm.sys v5.46.2.32 4/30/03

The server has locked up twice now since the rebuild. I have run the array diag. utility and both passed. I ran the Compaq Windows Diag Utility in quick test mode with no errors. I am going to kick off the complete test before I leave tonight.

I am not really sure if this cpqarry2 error is tied to the lockup as it was 19 hours between the cpqarry2 error and the actual lockup, but there were no other system events between that error and the "previous system shutdown was unexpected" error at reboot.

One other odd thing. The drive light that is usually always on on the front of the Compaq hot swap drives (next to the arrow access light) is always off on all of the drives connected to the 431.

I will have to arrange a time to disconnect the 4314R to test if the message goes away.

Thank you both very much for your responses.

Patrick G.
New Member

Re: ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

Patrick, Did you ever figure this out? I've got a Domain Controller failing and it started when I got the similar cpqarry21 error you are getting.

Brad C.
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Re: ML370 Event ID: 9 Error

Well, I know this is real old, but what the heck. Might as well add to the database. I too got this error and had the server shutdown on a number of occassions. I was also getting an illegal address access by the ACPI BIOS. I began researching this and it struck me. My BIOS is battling the OS for address space. I was running BIOS D02 (V6/17/2000) and upgraded to (V5/30/2003). I am running Win2003 Server on this box. The upgrade in the BIOS seems to have fixed my problems. Your milage may vary....
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