ML370 G?

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Owen Tang
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ML370 G?

I just got a proliant ML370 server from someone (just the server and nothing else). When I try to find out more about the machine, hp website have ML370, ML370 G2 to G5. How do I know what is the G? with my machine?

The config of the server is Xeon 3.06G 2CPU, 512MB PC2100 DDR RAM (6 RAM slots), 36.4GB ULTRA320 SCSI HDD (6 HDD space). It is a tower server and I am trying to get a monitor and keyboard to power it up and see whether it still works.

Please help.

Chris Rosan
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Re: ML370 G?

From the processor it sounds like a G3. It's similar spec's to one i've got.

There should be a part number on it. It will be in the format of 6 numbers, -, then 3 numbers (xxxxxx-xxx).

This part number will solve that mystery. You should be able to punch it into the support page of HP's website.

Alternatively, post it here.

They are a REALLY good and reliable server. That server with a few more hard drives and a raid card (if it doesn't have it) would make a perfect file server (what mine is used for).
Iain McCracken
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Re: ML370 G?

Have a look on the front of the system it will be on there somewhere G2,G3,G4,G5 if it has nothing and is not gungrey in colour it is probably a G1
Owen Tang
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Re: ML370 G?

Hi Chris and Iain,

Thanks for the info. I had found my machine is a G3. I will try to power it up and see whether there is any smoke coming out of it.

Appreciate all your help.