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ML370 G1 Boot controller change

Andrew chloupek
New Member

ML370 G1 Boot controller change

I'm hoping some one will still know this... I have a ml370 g1 that i'm trying to boot from a new SATA 3rd party raid. but the smartstart fails at the point where it copys the utilitys to the drive with a no drive on boot controler error. I know the issue is that it still sees the onboard controler as the boot controller. If i go into the bios, i can change the boot order on the onboard, but the 3rd party raid in slot 3 is listed as a "mass storage" controller and does not give me a boot order option. So I guess the question is is my Bios too old to know i can boot from that? Or at one point (long ago) there was a advanced options switch in the bios, do i need to get into that? or is it just not posible to boot the ml370 from a 3rd party controller. If i can do it but i just lose the bios utilitys, that fine, just need to know that. Thanks for all the help in advanced.
Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: ML370 G1 Boot controller change

Have you updated the bios to the latest version? Download the firmware update CD iso image and run it on your server.

What O/S are you trying to install? You may have to skip the assisted installation and install the HP software after the O/S is installed. If you are installing Windows, make sure you install the windows SNMP service before you install the PSP.