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ML370 G1 Hot Swap Drive Cage LEDs

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ML370 G1 Hot Swap Drive Cage LEDs

I have a couple workhorse ML370s running here at the office, and in one of them the hotswap SCSI drives status lights aren't working right (the lights that show if a drive is dead, is rebuilding, etc...). The activity lights seem to work fine, but if I have a hard drive fail, I don't know unless I run the ACU.

I have a spare ML370 that I use for spare parts, so I can pull parts from that if need be. These drives light up fine on other systems, so there's something weird with this one.

Any ideas? Could there be a backplane issue?
Harry Lubansky
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Re: ML370 G1 Hot Swap Drive Cage LEDs

The most direct problem this could be would be the drive cage itself, which a cage swap would confirm. After that guess, the determination would be some part of the logicboard, but which part?