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ML370 G1 no Video/Post

Kevin Sparenberg
New Member

ML370 G1 no Video/Post

I just got an older ML370 G1 from my company who no longer had a use for it. I like tinkering with this stuff, so they gave it to me.
Here's my issue:
Whenever it boots, I get no Video whatsoever - there is no LightsOut Card, only the SCSI Controller. I have tried to boot it single proc, dual proc, no memory, all memory, no hard drives, all hard drive - nothing. I am lost.
Note: This will also not boot to a CD SmartStart, or Firmware Upgrade alike.
Ron Moody
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML370 G1 no Video/Post

If you haven't already, strip it down to the minimum configuraton.

If that doesn't work, I would replace the system board...