ML370 G1

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ML370 G1

We have first generation ML 370 G1 with an internal DLT tape drive. The tape drive seem to stop working. Can someone give me some advice on how to troubleshoot this?It would be great appreciated.
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Re: ML370 G1

Hi Marvin,

Does the tape drive POST when server booted?

If Yes,
I would suggest to run the L&TT diagnostic utility which can be downloaded from this link〈=en&cc=us

Choose you operating system and the diagnostic utility is under "Diagnostic"
It will pritty much tell you or give u a clue as what is wrong in it

If NO,
Make sure the tape drive connection is good, and reseat all the connection and see if it POSTs on Boot

You might also need to upgrade the firmware and driver which you can download them all from the above link

Amha kassa