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ML370 G2 keeps rebooting

Sjors van Ling
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G2 keeps rebooting

Sometime during this weekend my server must have crashed. Now it keeps rebooting. Power-up boot sequence seems normal, but immediatly following the boot-device screen (after which an attempt is made to boot from C drive) the system reboots. Reboots takes place before windows boot-screen is shown.

OS is Windows 2003 std svr.
dual PIII 1.13 GHz
1024MB RAM
Smart Array raid 1 config

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: ML370 G2 keeps rebooting

check your memory DIMMS, try with the minimum configuration and add as the manual say. check the hard disk too if they has no hardware problems maybe be a OS boot corruption.