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ML370 G3 2003 sp2 symmpi.sys

Greg Hare
New Member

ML370 G3 2003 sp2 symmpi.sys

SP2 for 2003 wants to overwrite this file (roughly, this file was installed by your vendor, do you wish to overwrite?). I figure it's probably safe, based on behavior with SP1 but does anyone know? I'd hate for the controller to not work on reboot.
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 2003 sp2 symmpi.sys

SYMMPI.SYS is the driver for the LSI Logic Fusion-MPT SCSI adapter. If the server isn't booting from the aforementioned device, I doubt it will affect the boot process.

Is a SCSI tape drive connected to the server? If so, it may be connected to the LSI Logic SCSI adapter, and the driver may need to be updated following the upgrade to SP2.