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ML370 G3 - Fan Failure

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ML370 G3 - Fan Failure

We have an ML370 G3 server which until this weekend just gone was working reliably and correctly. The unit is now unable to fire up all 6 of the internal fans and the internal health warning light is on.

Internal examination show that Fans 1 through 4 all show the 'failed' as indicated by the amber LED. Fans 5 and 6 are working ok. I have swapped the fans around systematically to prove that each fan does in fact work perfectly if positioned in sockets 5 or 6 only.

If I remove fans 2, 3 and 4 then fan 1 may (about 60% of the time) fire itself up at boot but this is still insufficient to allow the server to boot up. With a little coaxing I have managed to get a fan in slot 3 to fire also which boots the server but soon afterwards a shutdown will initiate due to a loss of cooling.

To avoid the shutdown temprarily I have adjusted the system time to delay the shutdown, I realise I could disbale this shutdown completely but long term didn't wish to do this.

I have used the version control manager to ensure all drivers are up to date and have used the firmware maintenance CD to check that also.

In the BIOS I have changed the default fan speed to 'High' instead of 'Normal' but this makes no difference.

This server is just outside of warranty, what are my options? Should I assume that it is either the fan/thermal logic circuit or fan power circuit both on the main system board and replace that at about £450 or could it be something else?
Gordon Neil
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Re: ML370 G3 - Fan Failure

Did you get a resolution? Spookily enough, EXACTLY what you describe is happening to my ML370G3. If you found a simple fix I'd be glad to hear about it.

Re: ML370 G3 - Fan Failure

We had the same problem on ML370 G3 fan frailer Error 1611. ( 3 fans # 2,3,4 failed amber light on the fan ) We changed the motherboard P/N 290559-001 problem solved. ( changing only the fans doesn???t work and don???t waste your time )

ML370 Fan failure is most common error. If the fan failed you can???t start the server. it???s BIOS error if you have ML370 G3 server please update your BIOS ver. P28 ( one failed BIOS update doesn???t work)

To start the server redundant Fan # 1,3, 5 is sufficient. I manually start the fan by blowing compressed air. Then fan light became Green. Server started. You can do the work. Until your motherboard arrive. If you???re in critical situation you can try that. I have attached the photos please check. Let me know your comments.