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ML370 G3 Redundant Fans misbehaving

Garry Mukelabai
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G3 Redundant Fans misbehaving

I have an ML370 Dual Processor, which has been running ok for over 12 months.

Suddenly it started rebooting with Fan errors. Now it shows that there in no redundancy on the fans.

When opened one fan on the rear slot 2 and one on midlle slot 3 had amber light - failed. I thought it was a simple case of replacement. But before I did that I moved the fans around and these 'failed' fans worked fine.

What I have concluded is as long as the rear fan slots are populated, the amber light will show on one or more fans on the rear (slot 2,4) or middle (slot 1,3). If the rear slots are not populated all remaining fans show that they are fine. (But running without redundancy).

I am at a loss. Is it a motherboard problem?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fans misbehaving

possibly yes , contact HP tech support for assistance

System ROM is Up to Date ?
New Member

Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fans misbehaving

Hi Garry,

It is the system board.

There are two versions: -

System Board 2.4Ghz and 2.8Ghz CPU, spare part number is 290559-001.

System Board 3.06Ghz and above CPU, spare part number is 316864-001.

Log a call with HP and get it replaced. The new system board is backward compatible so HP may install the newer board if the older one is unavailable from stock.