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ML370 Raid 5 not rebuilding

Nick Nottleman
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ML370 Raid 5 not rebuilding


I have 6 36.4 gig drives in my 370 configured for raid 5. Last week, one drive failed after I booted it up after a move. The server rebooted and somehow disabled drive (went from having the red light to no lights at all). After receiving the replacement drive, I inserted it. But the array is not rebuilding. Also, the lights remain off on the HD enclosure.

Steps taken so far:
1. Reboot
2. Shut down - and restart after 30 seconds
3. Shut down, unplug (hot plug bay) drive, boot up and then plug drive back in
4. ACU - recognizes the drive but lists it outside of the array. Can also "make it light up" by clicking on the drive in ACU and ACU reports the drive is fine (I have also tried 3 drives, all of which seem to be good)
5. ADU - Reports that drive has failed and array has failed but "funny" message of slot 2, SCSI ID 12?? Have full ADU report saved if it will help
6. Shut down, re-seated controller (641), re-seated all connections and power for cage
7. Ran smartstart from boot to see if ACU would react any different - no.
8. Booted with 1 of the "good" drive unplugged so I could get the F1/F2 message to try to trick it out of interim recovery mode - waited til non-system disk after trying each of F1 and F2. Then plugged the good drive back in and booted. Still nothing.
9. Called HP - they gave me this link.
Nick Nottleman
New Member

Re: ML370 Raid 5 not rebuilding

I should have added that with the 5 "good" drives going, I am able to boot up/operate fine. Just want to get the Raid 5 array back up.