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Re: ML370G5 Power Supply

Marcos Marin
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ML370G5 Power Supply

Hi there,

I cannot start the server due to a power supply issue. It seems strange for me that both redundant power supplies have failed at the same time. In fact, sometimes I can begin the POST sequence, but then the servers goes down again....

Anyone has experienced something similar? Could a temp sensor be responsible for not allowing the server to startup? Any tips?

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Re: ML370G5 Power Supply

To exclude the possibility that the power supply (PSU) is defect, you can try a known good PSU from other Proliant server (please check whether the Spare part numbers are same). if such PSU is not available contact the HP Support and describe the situation and they will probably replace the power supply backplane.

In case you can start the server for a while, You also may check what the IML log shows.

But according to me replacement of the backplane will fix it.

Best regards