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ML530 G1 SCSI Cables

Bryan H.
Occasional Contributor

ML530 G1 SCSI Cables

I have an ML530 G1 server running Server 2003 Ent. I have both drive cages and it is filled with all U320 15K hot plug hard drives. I currently have a SMART Array 5302-128 controller that both drive cages are connected to. I have purchased a SMART Array 6402-128 for U320 support of the drives.
Will I have to change the SCSI cables that came with the server when connecting the drive cage to the new 6402 controller card? Are these cables only U160 capable?
I am adding the 6402 to hopefully take advantage of higher speeds and hopefully increase the data transfer rate whith BackupExec and the Ultrium-2 drive I have in the system (connected to LSA U320 SCSI Controller). Thanks for any assistance.

-Bryan Heusmann
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: ML530 G1 SCSI Cables

Assuming that the SA-6402 is compatible with the ML530 G1, have you considered the SCSI backplanes may be the bottleneck?