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MS server 2008 OS installation & RAID issue

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MS server 2008 OS installation & RAID issue

I have an N54L with 3 disks installed


slot 1 - 500GB

slot 3 - 2TB

slot 4 - 2TB


I have installed MS server 2008 on the 500GB disk succesfully. I then via the RBSU set the two other disks into a RAID 1 configuration. I get two disk errors after POST and when continuing Windows fails to boot. 


Do I need to set up the disks as RAID prior to installing the OS or somehow make the single disk RAID. I do not seem to make any progress on this.


Any help appreciated 


NB I have gone back to IDE in the RSBU and set up the disks as a mirrored drive. Will this be the same as setting up RAID in the RSBU or is their a  performance penalty going it this way?