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Management port on Netserver

Adrian Hodgson
New Member

Management port on Netserver

I know this will sound like a very simple question to many, but what is the purpose of the Management port on the back of the server box?

It seems to be a serial port, but I do not know the settings.

Can I access it via hyperterminal or similar?
Are there a list of commands to use?

Very sorry for the list of questions it takes me quite a while to download software of considerable size at the moment so can someone point me to the correct utilities to usefor the port.

They server is a LH4 presently with Linux on it although I can put NT4 on the box as well if required, I have downloaded all the pdf files found with a NT4 reference and I am going through them all slowly so may find information in them, but generally all seem to deal with installation issues at present.

Many thanks