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MicroServer Gen 8 Sudden DNS loss 2016


MicroServer Gen 8 Sudden DNS loss 2016

We recently purchased 35 Microserver Gen 8 computers and installed Server 2016 on them.  Each week, around 5 of them suddenly lose the ability to communicate with DNS.  I can ping any address (getting replies) and use Internet Explorer to conect to http://x.x.x.x by ip address.  But I cannot use NSlookup to find the domain or any address nor ping by FQDN.  

Using restart-netadapter restores functionality for a time and so does a restart.  

The DNS service is running and restarting it doesn't help.  

I recently ran HPSUM to update the network driver on all the servers but it didn't help. Broadcom NetXtreme is the current driver.

These servers run DFS replacation as their primary role as well as SCCM Distribution Points.  

Any other suggestions  to try?