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MicroServer Gen8, alternative or wait?

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MicroServer Gen8, alternative or wait?

I've got an original MicroServer N36L and the PSU fan has become noisy.  It is not economically viable to buy the HP replacement PSU.

I looked a the MicroServer Gen8 as a replacement option.  The benefits are the very low sound level (18dB is advertised in the quickspecs) and the extremely low cost of the Celeron variant, it is cheaper than the cost of any self-build.

However, as it is quite a long time since Gen8 was released I'm worried that the stock may be old and that sooner rather than later the fans will be wearing out and making noise.  I wouldn't want to waste my time and money getting the Gen8 server if it will not immediately resolve the noise issues and stay quiet for at least 2 years from now.

I also have a strong preference for a newer chipset (the Gen8 MicroServer is based on Ivy Bridge) as I want good SSD performance but at the price of the Gen8 Celeron, I would be willing to overlook that, the sound issue is far more critical for me.  There are now plenty of alternatives with Sky Lake chipsets and DDR4 RAM.  A couple of alternatives I looked at:

- a dedicated NAS device, such as Synology or QNAP, although many of these don't support a monitor or OS customization right now

- the Shuttle  SZ170R8 V2 - it has the Sky Lake Z170 chipset, more than double the IOPS performance of Ivy Bridge, but it doesn't have accessible disk caddies or ECC RAM like a MicroServer

- build something myself, e.g. using the ASUS P10S-I motherboard, it has the C232 chipset and supports DDR4, Celeron or Xeon, ECC and everything else a MicroServer does

- wait for a new MicroServer, if there will be one?