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MicroServer N36L PSU fan specifications?

Occasional Contributor

MicroServer N36L PSU fan specifications?

The power supply fan of my HP ProLiant N36L 1P 1GB-U Int SATA Cold Plug SATA 160GB 200W PS MicroServer got very noisy after a bit over 2 years of use, it is commercially not viable to replace the whole PSU on such an old box, but I could have the fan replaced professionally. As HP only sells the complete PSU, I was wondering if you could please share the specs of the fan.


I am most interested in m^3/h of air moved, but values like pin count, pin-out, voltage, regulated or fixed speed would save me from having a down time of the server to physically check those specs.


From dmidecode:


BIOS Information
        Vendor: HP
        Version: O41    
        Release Date: 07/29/2011
        Address: 0xF0000

         BIOS Revision: 8.15

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
        Manufacturer: HP
        Product Name: ProLiant MicroServerr
        Serial Number: CN8031P2L1
        UUID: 17AD5D80-1DD2-11B2-8000-1CC1DE1885E1
        Wake-up Type: Power Switch
        SKU Number: 612275-421

Handle 0x0002, DMI type 3, 21 bytes
Chassis Information
        Manufacturer: HP
        Type: Tower
        Lock: Not Present
        Serial Number:  
        Asset Tag:  
        Boot-up State: Safe
        Power Supply State: Safe
        Thermal State: Safe
        Security Status: None
        OEM Information: 0x00000000
        Height: Unspecified
        Number Of Power Cords: 1
        Contained Elements: 0

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