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MicroServer gen8 upgrade

Occasional Visitor

MicroServer gen8 upgrade

Hello guys,


I just received a Hp ProLiant Microserver gen8 with 2 gb ram and intel celeron dual core processor.


my question is next:


With a good PCI express video card and  Intel Xeon E3-1220V2 cpu can i use it for playing games ? 


or could you please sugest me a more compatible Cpu for it and a Graphic card for it ? 



Kind Regards,



Frequent Advisor

Re: MicroServer gen8 upgrade

No suffisent memory for me.

1) Install a SSD on the optical Sata port. (work fine)

2) Yes, change CPU

3) For the graphic card, remember you have a 150W Power Supply.... Maybe you can add a GT640, but look a Slim Graphic card without any Power connection to add.

Jimmy Vance

Re: MicroServer gen8 upgrade

Take a look at this thread over on the forums. Shows most of the CPU's that have been tried in the MicroServer Gen8


As stated, remember this system only has a 150 watt pwer supply. Oh, and no sound card for your games. I have tried one of the no-name $10 USB sound cards and they work fine.




my standard disclaimer: none of these CPU mods are supported by HP





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