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Microserver Gen 8 and ILO licence key

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Microserver Gen 8 and ILO licence key

I purchased a license of HP ProLiant Integrated Lights Out Advanced Pack (article no 305279-003). When I tried to activate the key in my HP ProLiant MicroServer G1610T it shows that this not a valid activation key.

After some time searching for a reason I found this article: According to this document c00789949 I have to request a replacement license key. What is the right way to achieve this?

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Microserver Gen 8 and ILO licence key

That article is for an iLO2 license, not iLO4.  the part number you provided is a spares part number and not the orderable options part number.  Searching around I see several sites selling "refurb" iLO keys with that spares number but they don't say what version of iLO they are for.  If this key is indeed an iLO2 key, it will not work on the MicroServer Gen8.  You need to purchase an iLO4 advanced, or iLO3 Essentials license.

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