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Microserver Gen10 X3418 CPU and Overclocking

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Microserver Gen10 X3418 CPU and Overclocking

I have a Microserver Gen10 with X3418 CPU.  It is rated as 1.8-3.2 GHz however it seems to be fixed at 1.3-1.8 GHz.

Running Centos 7.7 and I managed to change it to performance mode but has anyone else manage to overclock this model to something higher?

I'd like to initially set to 2.4GHz as max.  Is this possible and how to do it?


Re: Microserver Gen10 X3418 CPU and Overclocking

Hi Michael_Clarke , 

This is by design , 1.8-3.2 GHz  is the speed when CPU is overclocked. 

The processor GHz may change based on the workload from the OS. Alternatively you may also forcefully overclock the CPU by using some third party softwares. However HPE do not recommend it 

You may also check the CPU configuration in the BIOS and enable the multi threading 




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Re: Microserver Gen10 X3418 CPU and Overclocking

The marketing literature and tech specs state

AMD Opteron™ X3418(1.8-3.2GHz/4-core/2MB/12-35W) Processor

So why does HPE peg it to a max of 1.8GHz?  Some may say this is false advertising.

I purchased a unit in good faith that it was capable of up to 3.2GHz but was seemingly misled.