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Microserver Gen8 Remote Registration

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Microserver Gen8 Remote Registration



Been a while since I swam in these water so appologies if I am being naive....


I bought myself a Gen8 - the cashback here in the UK was just too tempting.  I have been finding my way around the system and have to say I am very impressed with the state of server setup and operation - things have come a long way.


ILO is great - it is offering me something called "Remote Registration" (from memory) which looks to be the ability to register the server with HP and view status etc on the HP cloud, i'll probably have to pay for the service once the warranty is up but for now it looks interesting.


The registration steps look easy enough, provide HP Passport details  - email and password accept the T&Cs and click register - at this point I always get an error saying the remote host lookup has failed???


I checked the ILO network it is correctly configured with IP address and DNS details.  IP software update seems able to find remote servers using the same connection


Am I missing something here?  What can I do to complete the registration.